Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tips On How To Maintain Happy Thoughts While On Facebook.

Here's a good tip on having happy thoughts while you're on facebook :

First, go to the tobacco store and get some rolling papers and some cigarettes. 
Second, look for your local pusher (if you don't know anyone, ask your friends) and get a couple grams of *tooot*. 
Third, get back to your laptop, or ipad, or Android or whatever the hell it is that you're using to log into facebook wherever it may be.
Fourth, roll a *tooot* (if you don't know how, just try it, it's easy).
Fifth and final step, Smoke that *tooot*.

After completing the final step, I can assure you, everything you see on facebook if not humouring, will amuse you to the extent that even the most annoying posts or comments which made you wish there was a 'Dislike' button, turns out to be something simply funny and amusing. Maybe just plain silly. You'd probably add a comment or vote to 'Like' it and end up making new real friends to whom you actually interact to and have conversations. And that my friends, is how you create and maintain a happy thought while you're on facebook. *Tooot* is one of the best calmers I've ever known. 
Try *Tooot* Now! You Won't Regret.

Mel Black on Politics : A Kick Start

To give it a kick start, one should know the exact definition of the subject.

For starters, and for you beginners and scepticals :

Politics can be defined as the “art of ruling human societies” Or as the “Science of government" and the art of relationships of government, and is used to describe the group of affairs which concern the state or the manner followed by rulers. It is a process by which groups of people make collective decissions. However, politics can be observed in other group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. It consists of social relations involving authority and power and refers to the relation of public affairs within a political unit, and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy. Source - Mel Black with the help from Wikipedia. 

That was complicated. Here's a simple but strong explanation of Politics in Malay literature.

Politik pada dasarnya adalah wadah yang murni, yang mulia dan status amat tinggi. Politik adalah ilmu tentang dasar dan kaedah memerintah sesebuah negara. Politik adalah suci.
Tapi bila ada yang mengucap bahwa dalam politik, sahabat boleh jadi musuh sertamerta, musuh boleh jadi sahabat sertamerta, sahabat dan musuh dalam politik tak pernah kekal, maka ternyata yang berucap itu cuba membusukkan politik yang suci lagi mulia itu.
-SHAHNON AHMAD, Sasterawan Negara dalam bukunya SHIT (TAHI).

Now it sounds interesting.

The Start of a New Journal's Journey

This blog is mostly in plain English. So it will be easy for many to understand. However, it might also contain some posts in Malay.

To begin, may I state that this web log might contain issues on almost everything and some of which include Society, Religion, Poetry, Leisure, Film, Music, Music again, and so on and so on. It might also include a little bit of nonsense as stated in my interests - The Earth, The Sky and Everything In Between.

It is the reflection of ones mind, thoughts, views, perceptions, visions, ideas, and beliefs.
It's about everything. It's about life.

This is my blog. THIS, is Mel Black's Blog.