Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tips On How To Maintain Happy Thoughts While On Facebook.

Here's a good tip on having happy thoughts while you're on facebook :

First, go to the tobacco store and get some rolling papers and some cigarettes. 
Second, look for your local pusher (if you don't know anyone, ask your friends) and get a couple grams of *tooot*. 
Third, get back to your laptop, or ipad, or Android or whatever the hell it is that you're using to log into facebook wherever it may be.
Fourth, roll a *tooot* (if you don't know how, just try it, it's easy).
Fifth and final step, Smoke that *tooot*.

After completing the final step, I can assure you, everything you see on facebook if not humouring, will amuse you to the extent that even the most annoying posts or comments which made you wish there was a 'Dislike' button, turns out to be something simply funny and amusing. Maybe just plain silly. You'd probably add a comment or vote to 'Like' it and end up making new real friends to whom you actually interact to and have conversations. And that my friends, is how you create and maintain a happy thought while you're on facebook. *Tooot* is one of the best calmers I've ever known. 
Try *Tooot* Now! You Won't Regret.


  1. waina badi ada sesi kaunseling plak di sini hahahahahaha

  2. no wonder you like to befriend with me. people usually hates me hehe-gabby