Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Fasting Month Of Ramadhan

Aaaahhh...the fasting month of Ramadhan is finally here again and in Malaysia, when the fasting month comes, the days seem long and the nights seem short. The scenario you would see in the office, the city and everywhere else will be different from any other month in the year. People who are fasting are going about their day in the morning with a dull face and a slightly bad mood. By 3 O'clock in the afternoon, where most people are supposed to be winding down and tired, suddenly everybody becomes cheerful and energetic. Everybody's preparing their variety of traditional cuisine, a variety of traditional and foreign delicacies being sold by hawkers all over the country, everybody's on the street, smiling and shaking hands. Why? Because break fast is near! By sunset, we get to eat, drink, smoke and even get to touch our wives again!...or husbands...Haha...

Yes, I am a Muslim. Well, I do not dare to preach much because although I'm a believer, I ain't happen to be much of a good practitioner and I'm a pretty stubborn-ass kinda guy too.

Many of us here in Asia are lucky compared to muslims in some western countries whereas the fasting period during the day is very long. Long days, short nights. I remember my parents talking about how tiring it was to fast in England but I couldn't have known since I was just a small boy when we were living in Essex, England. Even when we came home, I was still in primary school.

Ramadhan is a holy month for muslims and I think I should take a break from posting silly stuff on the net for a while...but I just can't help it! I just like to fool around too much! Anyways...

Happy fasting everyone! May we reach our goals in life and in the hereafter. God bless. Peace!

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